300 Miles to Galveston

One of the most different and interesting post apocalptic zombie books I’ve ever read. I never read anything quite like this before.
Amazon Review, 
July 27, 2013

With all the amateur authors submitting poorly conceived, edited and plotted novels today, it was a genuine pleasure to read something that had none of those flaws.
Amazon Review, June 10, 2013

Eventually you run out of bullets, even in Texas.

Dallas, 2037. It’s been three years since the most brilliant Leonid meteor shower ever recorded. After that night, no one was born, and no one stayed dead.

Infrastructure has collapsed. Society has devolved into church-centered villages, gang houses, and survivalist camps. Information travels by word of mouth, and occasionally, by radio broadcast. After picking up a shortwave message from a navy ship in Galveston, Kurt and his daughter Sophie risk their lives as they race from suburban Dallas to the Gulf Coast in hope of rescue, and answers.

300 MILES TO GALVESTON is a Kindle bestseller that blends the science fiction and zombie genres in a tale appropriate for young adult and adult readers.