Second draft


Just sent my second draft off for review. I have that early morning/delusional feeling that it’s pretty damn good.

The title I’m liking right now is THE WOMAN IN THE ‘61 CHECKER. It’s a novella (22,000 words or about 88 pages) in the Suspense, Paranormal, and Horror genres.


Cade Alvarez has moved from town to town throughout his career — all 118 years of it. He knows how to fit in, how to take what he needs, and how to disappear.

He’s only been in Dallas for a few years, and his instincts are already telling him it’s time to go. But when a mysterious woman driving a ’61 Checker Cab offers him a ride, he begins to realize it may be too late.

Hopefully with revision and cover design, I can get it published in February.

I’m going to submit it for consideration as a Kindle Single. I think it’s the right type of story, at the right length. If it’s accepted, I get a lot of free promotion, and a higher royalty.

Wish me luck!


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