Chasing ghosts


I recently subscribed to Asimov’s Science Fiction. Like so much of life, I’m approaching science fiction writing backwards — I’ve already self-published three books, and now I’m going to try to get a short story published traditionally.

I find it interesting that Asimov’s publishes three distinct fiction formats: short story (c. 5,000 words), novelette (c. 10,000 words), and novella (c. 20,000 words). A piece I’m writing now would probably fit in the novelette section.

I wish I’d gotten into this while Isaac Asimov was still alive (d.1992), but back in the late 80s/early 90s I was trying to be literary (read: navel gazing and weepy), and had left stuff that was actually fun to read far behind.

Alas and alack. I will try to carry on his tradition (clear, thoughtful, page-turning), and if they publish me, I’ll have to imagine his mutton-chopped approval.


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